Other Consular Services

Attestation/Authentication of Documents

Mission offers services for attestation and authentication of documents.  Documents emanating from Ghana to be authenticated should be accompanied by statutory declaration from the High Court of Justice in Ghana, attestation from the Legal Bureau of Foreign Affairs Ministry in Ghana. Documents originating from Mission’s countries of accreditation should be authenticated by the respective Ministry of Foreign Affairs before Mission could attest to them.  Fees are charged depending on the kind of service to be provided.  

Emergency Travel Certificate

Emergency Travel Certificates (ETCs) are issued to Ghanaian nationals who are not in possession of their passports but would want to travel to Ghana at short notice or in an emergency.

ETCs are valid for one (1) month and for single journey to Ghana only.  They automatically expire on arrival at the point of entry into Ghana and cannot be used for any return journey.

Applicants are required to produce proof of Ghanaian nationality such as copies of either passport or birth certificate etc.

Applicants are required to appear personally at the Embassy for the processing of ETCs.

Applicants must submit duly completed Emergency Travel Certificate Application Forms, two (2) recent passport-size photographs, police reports (in case of missing passports) and evidence of impending travel.

A processing fee of US$35.00 is charged.

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