Our Sections


The Chancery oversees the overall administration of the Embassy. It is responsible for the personnel matters, management of the properties and provision of the infrastructure, plant and equipment of the Mission.

Political and Economic (P&E) Section

The P&E Section is responsible for overseeing Ghana’s political and economic (including trade and investment) relations with the Arab Republic of Egypt and the other countries of concurrent accreditation, namely the Republic of Lebanon, the Republic of the Sudan and the State of Palestine.   The Section monitors the political and economic developments and offers recommendations for policy formulation.

Consular Section


The Consular Section seeks to protect the interests of Ghanaians residing in countries of Mission’s accreditation by providing advice and assistance on issues of general concerns and specific matters alike relating to their stay in these countries.  The Section also disseminates relevant information for the benefit of the Ghanaian communities. 

It also offers the following services:

  • Renewal of Ghanaian passports.
  • Issuance of visas to foreign nationals.
  • Emergency Travel Certificates to distressed Ghanaian nationals.
  • Attestation of legal documents.

The Consular Section is also responsible for the education matters of the Mission. It collaborates with the relevant institutions in the host country and countries of concurrent accreditation with the aim of promoting educational exchange programmes between our countries.


The Defence Section is responsible for the affairs of the Ghana Armed Forces and also advises the Mission on defence policy matters.  It mainly coordinates the training programmes of military personnel in Mission’s area of jurisdiction.

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