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Submission Sunday-Thursday (09:00 am – 12:00 pm)
Collection Sunday-Thursday (09:00 am – 12:00 pm)


1st JanuaryNew Years Day
3rd JanuaryNew Years Day (in lieu)
6th JanuaryCoptic Christmas Holiday
7th JanuaryCoptic Christmas
7th JanuaryConstitution Day
27th JanuaryRevolution Day (Jan 25 - in lieu)
6th MarchIndependence Day
7th MarchIndependence Day (in lieu)
15th AprilGood Friday
18th AprilEaster Monday
24th AprilCoptic Easter Sunday
25th AprilSham El Nessim
25th AprilSinai Liberation Day
1st MayWorkers Day / Labor Day
2nd MayWorkers Day / Labor Day
2nd MayEnd of Ramadan
3rd MayEid Ul-Fitr
3rd MayEnd of Ramadan 2
4th MayEnd of Ramadan 3
5th MayEnd of Ramadan 4
30th JuneRevolution Day
9th JulyArafat Day
9th JulyEid-el-Kibr
10th JulyEid Ul-Adha
10th JulyEid-el-Kibr Holiday
11th JulyEid-el-Kibr Holiday
11th JulyEid Ul-Adha (in lieu)
12th JulyEid-el-Kibr Holiday
23rd JulyRevolution Day
30th JulyEl Hijra
4th AugustFounders Day
6th OctoberArmed Forces Day
21st SeptemberKwame Nkrumah Memorial Day
8th OctoberAl-Mouled Al-Nabawy
2nd DecemberFarmers Day
25th DecemberChristmas Day
26th DecemberBoxing Day
27th DecemberChristmas Day (in lieu)
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